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Friday, September 23, 2011

~A Summer to Forget~

First off I would like to apologize for trying to kiss this tormenting Summer farewell. Little did I know that just days after my posting that Mother Nature had a doosey up her sleeve. La Nina has been hanging around here for almost a year, and she has decided that she likes our great area and she will stay longer. The dust and heat have been unbearable. Things I see around me today remind me of the unforgetable black and white photos from the Great Dust Bowl of the Great Depression years.

So the drought and heat were accompanied by some very fierce winds that set off my great state into a thundering fireball out of control. I will always remember the very first PG movie I ever saw during my third grade year. And this was a monumental milestone in the life of a kid growing up in the 70's. We kids weren't exposed to so much violence and sexual images like kids growing up today. My friend Lesley and I were dropped off (another huge deal) at the theater and watched "Towering Inferno" w/Steve McQueen, I believe. The fire that raged out of control while folks were trying to survive it's raging flames. I remebered that movie well after our state became Texas Tinder.

On Sunday I learned that a fire was quickly approaching my hometown. Along with a fire in the next county over. And 40 minutes away a fire was completely devastating a small town I happen to fancy. This poor town was surrounded on 3 sides by 3 huge fires caused by the excessive winds and reeked havoc on the drought stricken, water starving and dead trees and plants in its path. Almost 1400 homes were completely destroyed in its wake. Our state has never seen a fire of this magnitude.

The town itself is surrounded by magnificent pine forests that lends to a gentle beauty. I LOVED driving through this area and did so often in my travels to home and family. The first time I saw it I knew I wnated to live in this part of the state. Up until then, I had lived in the flatlands with minimal trees and rare hills. Today, I dread the drive home to my folks cause I will have to drive through literally 6 different areas that I am aware that fire destroyed. It's mind blowing to me to think of how a town and people repair, rebuild, and find a new identity. The town itself has been rendered almost completely different than from the features it once had. However, the people and state have launched a massive drive to help them rebuild their lives. And Praise be to God that only 2 people lost their lives. Good things are going to happen once everyone chips in and does their part to help rebuild.

So Summer as you leave I carefully and pragmatically welcome Fall. And knowing that we're still in for a very hot and dry season.. In fact, not much change from the one we've been enduring. La Nina, you have officially overstayed your welcome and you are an annoying guest. Please leave.. So I will get off my soapbox and onto my block of ice to cool off.

All the while realizing that drastic times often calls for drastic chances and change in behaviors. Maybe we will do things we don't ordinarily attempt? Or, maybe we will choose to be kinder and help out more while we endure? Life is short..people are precious (ok.. most are)..and we gotta make the most out of what we have.. So I'm praying that Fall will fall gently on these bruised times.

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